Saturday, June 19, 2010

Libby Davies

John & Elizabeth Beeching
4715 Lanark Street
Vancouver, BC V5N 3R9

June 18, 2010

Jack Layton,

We believe you have not learned from the past. The British found that appeasement does not work just prior to WW II. Hitler proved that in spades.

Your slavish apology regarding Libby Davies and your apology to the Israeli Ambassador are a discredit to you but more a discredit to all your colleagues in the House of Commons. It goes against the wishes we are sure of a considerable number of NDP supporters in Canada who see the NDP as their only hope for changes in Canadian politics that will benefit all those who must work to live. Sitting on the fence can be dangerous.

We have heard some say you should resign. We encourage you to listen to them if they contact you. Canada desperately needs a political movement that is based on benefiting those who must work to live, farmers and small business and not the profiteers. The NDP as a party and not a political movement simply fails that role. Adopt a slogan people before profits.

You will go down as just another leader who tried to curry favour of Canada's majority by duplicitous means. Your party remains low in the polls because of its populist positions and actions like yours.

yours truly

Elizabeth & John Beeching

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